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Above, Leon points out the soiled diapers and other trash littering the beach. Upper Left Corner, Red Beach immediately after the battle

Our Story -  Bloody Tarawa

On November 20, 1943, Leon Cooper was a young 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, His job during that bloody battle was to ferry to shore some of the 3,000 marines who would eventually die in order to wrest from the Japanese this insignificant spit of land. 

In February 2008, Leon Cooper revisited the World War II battlefield, where the battle of "Bloody Tarawa" took place . In place of a hallowed memorial Leon expected to find, he found just garbage and rusting hulks. This so shocked this veteran of five Pacific battles that he has returned to document and film the out-rage of forgotten men and abandoned graves. “Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story” is the video story of his return to that battlefield, his attempts to get that beach cleaned up, and his efforts to bring the much deserved honor to the sacrifice of those brave men.

Look here to see an excerpt from that video. Or here to buy the video and support Leon’s efforts and those of his charitable trust.

Look here for updates, reporting progress Leon is making in getting the garbage removed from Red Beach, and making a pristine Red Beach serve as a memorial to the 2nd Division US Marines.

here also for progress being made on another of Leon's objectives: recovery and identification of American war remains.

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